Welcome to Kitty's Place
Welcome to Kitty's Place

Poor old Violet grumbles, groans and snoozes her days away; I live life as it should be lived. Meanwhile, our amiable amanuensis scribbles down accounts of V's trials, and my victories, helpfulness, rapier-like bons mots and general all-round brilliance. Which we present here below for your delighted eyes to rest upon, you lucky lucky things.

Home Economics for Girls or Tabitha Tickham and the Cake Crisis

V is moaning and groaning about her Home Ec prep, whilst I bravely solve the mystery of whodunnit and why. And no-one gets to eat any cake.

The Old Dog and The Doorstep                                 

Being a short story regarding life in a small village, family history, and the wisdom in following an old maxim. And at least I get some cake this time.

French for Girls ... a lot of soppy romantic nonsense                      

V's adventures in french exchange land

Home Ec for Girls ... the audiobook

So you can have the voice of the famous Tabitha Tickham in your very own ears. FREE if it's your first time on audible.

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